Charles M.

Charles M.

“What’s it like to be homeless?  Charles M. knows.

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, he remembers a stable home, including a loving brother and sisters. When alcohol became a favorite pastime early in his life, things slowly began to change. Charles had embarked on a journey as a lifelong alcoholic. The more he drank, the more his stability and the home life he once loved slipped away. In his disease, Charles managed to remain sober for 13 years after finding steady work as a truck driver, but a bad car accident became a critical turning point. To cope with the resulting back injury, Charles started drinking again to mask his pain and trauma. In the end, it cost him everything; home, family, and stability. At his lowest point, homeless and alone on the streets of Los Angeles, Charles reached out to the Los Angeles Mission on “Skid Row” for help. As part of his journey back to stability, he was referred to L.A. CADA for treatment. The program assisted Charles in ongoing management of recovery from alcoholism and coping with back pain through continuing physical therapy. Even better, Charles plans to return to work as a clean and sober truck driver (and loving dad of two children).  Although he credits L.A. CADA’s housing team and the support of professionals and peers in recovery with this amazing change, we know that it is Charles’ resilience and spirit that has made the difference.”     

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