Residential Treatment Services

Allen House Residential Treatment Program

Allen House is L.A. CADA’s premier residential treatment program for men and women age 18 and over. A comprehensive and integrated treatment model addresses complex substance use and/or co-occurring disorders.

HOW House

HOW House helps men age 18 and over transition from residential drug treatment programs to intensive outpatient services by addressing their underlying addiction issues, heal completely, and avoid relapse.

Custody to Community Transitional Re-Entry Program (CCTRP)

Custody to Community Transitional Re-Entry Program (CCTRP) is a residential treatment program for women who are transitioning from state prison to parole.

Family HOPE Program

Assisting high risk and traditionally underserved pregnant and postpartum women and their families by focusing on reunification and community connections to support healthy family functioning.

H = housing/health
O = option/opportunities
P = preparation/planning
E = education/encouragement

ART House

ART House is established for people with marginalized sex, sexual orientation, gender identity status, and LGBT-identified people seeking recovery from substance misuse.