5 Tips for Having a Sober Thanksgiving

5 Tips for Having a Sober Thanksgiving

The holiday season, as it has come to be known, is one of the most challenging times of year to maintain your sobriety. Parties with friends, work events, and anxiety-producing family gatherings like Thanksgiving can all present a roadblock to staying sober through the latter part of the year.


It is not impossible to stay sober during the Thanksgiving holiday. With a commitment to your sobriety and some thoughtful planning, you can enjoy a great, sober Thanksgiving holiday. Here are five ideas to help you enjoy your holiday!




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Consider Past Holidays


It is imperative that you prepare for what lays ahead on Thanksgiving. Think about previous incidences of the party you are planning on attending. Was there a lot of drinking? Was there fighting or arguing? Considering what has happened before will help you prepare and avoid being caught off guard during a celebration.




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Have a Good Exit Strategy


If staying an entire weekend with family could pose a risk to your sobriety, plan to spend just Thanksgiving Day with them. Plan an exit strategy to keep you from being stuck in an uncomfortable or tempting situation. If you make everyone aware of your plans, they will be less likely to insist you stay.


It is important to be able to put your foot down in the event you need to leave earlier than planned. Your sobriety should take precedence over feeling guilty for leaving a gathering.




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It is reasonable to not be able to attend a party with friends or a family gathering that threatens your sobriety. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Giving back to your community is a great way to simply avoid the temptations of typical Thanksgiving Day celebrations.




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Lean on Your Support


While you may be with friends or family, have some other support available that you can reach out to if you feel triggered to compromise your sobriety. A simple phone call could get you back on track and talk you through good options for dealing with any pitfalls.




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Remember to Enjoy Yourself


Be proud of your sobriety through this moment! Appreciate the fact that you can enter a celebratory space and remain sober. It is important to be able to enjoy the holiday as a sober individual.


Staying sober through the holidays, especially Thanksgiving, can be a major challenge. If you plan and make decisions that are best for you, you can enjoy this day without giving up on your sobriety.

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